Frozen Raspberries and Food Safety

Because frozen raspberries are meant to be used straight from the bag, without having to wash them as you would fresh fruit, food safety is a top priority. Aside from being picked at the peak of ripeness, flavor and nutrition, frozen raspberry growers and processors adhere to stringent safety and quality standards.

As part of its mission, the National Processed Raspberry Council encourages adherence to all U.S. food safety standards and best practices among all growers, processers and importers to ensure safe, wholesome and high quality frozen raspberries are delivered to manufacturers, retailers, restaurants and foodservice customers.

U.S. raspberry processors are required to employ country-of-origin labeling, product traceability, the daily due diligence of good agricultural practices and appropriate testing – all geared toward the safe delivery of product. With the implementation of measures within the Food Safety Modernization Act, the U.S. food supply remains one of the safest in the world with stringent requirements from the seed to fork that creates even greater assurances. The National Processed Raspberry Council supports the efforts of all professional organizations as they work to assist growers, processors, and importers to ensure a high quality and safe product for consumers.

Growers and processors of frozen raspberries have very specific quality standards that must be met for the various product forms. They take great care and pride in delivering the highest quality raspberries possible to their respective customers that will ultimately deliver the flavor and nutrition for consumers to enjoy.

Consumers can be assured that frozen raspberries are a safe, nutritious and convenient fruit that can be shared with family and friends.


Food Safety Education Materials

As part of its commitment to providing food safety education support for processed raspberry industry members, the NPRC has developed a food safety brochure providing an overview of field sanitation and personal hygiene best practices as well as posters for use with employees. Please see below to download these materials.