In the Spotlight: Articles Featuring Frozen Raspberries



Attendees at last summer’s harvest tour continue to educate their readers about the value of frozen raspberries:


Raspberry Chipotle Chicken with Lime + A Raspberry Farm Tour

Teaspoon of Spice Blog, by Serena Ball

This article includes a recap of the Raspberry Harvest Tour, and recognition of the culinary versatility of raspberries to pair well with other strong flavors like chipotle pepper and bright lime.


Should You Reach for Frozen Fruit When Fresh Isn’t in Season?

Food Network’s Healthy Eats Blog, by Cameron Curtis

This article highlights the benefits of frozen berries and includes raspberry nutrition information and recipes that incorporate frozen raspberries.


And there’s more!

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Researchers Paint Bright Future for Berry Research, Interview with Dr. Britt Burton-Freeman



The NPRC recently attended the Berry Health Benefits Symposium (BHBS) in Madison, WI where nearly 150 researchers and industry members gathered to hear the latest research from scientists from both the U.S. and abroad.

We caught up with Britt Burton-Freeman, Ph.D. the Director of the Center for Nutrition Research at the Institute for Food Safety and Health and Associate Professor, Food Science and Nutrition at the Illinois Institute of Technology to hear first-hand about her key takeaways from the Berry Health Benefits Symposium and the NPRC’s Raspberry Roundtable. Dr. Burton-Freeman is the Science Advisor for the NPRC where she helps guide health research strategy and provides ongoing counsel regarding the interface between research and marketing.

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NPRC Shines at Dietitian Conference with Must-See Booth and Culinary Event



At the beginning of October, our team put on our cowboy boots and headed to Nashville, Tennessee for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) annual Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) – a three-day educational and networking event for registered dietitians. Our booth in the expo hall, which featured a branded frozen raspberry photo booth with a frozen raspberry backdrop, was a hit – to say the very least.

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Are Raspberries in Your Future?



By Brad Rader

2015 will long be remembered as one of the most difficult seasons for Washington’s raspberries growers. Growers who are making re-planting decisions now or in the near future are left to wonder, “Are raspberries in my future, or is it time to switch to another crop?” I think processed raspberry growers around the world are having these same discussions based on changing weather patterns, limited land suitable to profitable raspberry production, and the lack of new varieties adapted to less than optimal growing conditions. I firmly believe that this is the time to stay in raspberries!

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