Red Raspberry Health News

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Research studies funded by the National Processed Raspberry Council have been published and are helping us spread the word about the health-supporting qualities of red raspberries.


  • Scientific Study Review Reveals Health Promoting Potential of Red Raspberries

Components in red raspberries may have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and metabolic stabilizing activity, according to a comprehensive review of the available scientific literature published in the January issue of Advances in Nutrition. These properties shed light on the potential role of red raspberries in helping to reduce the risk of metabolically-based chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, obesity, and Alzheimer’s disease: all of which share critical metabolic, oxidative, inflammatory links. Read More Here


  • Recent Studies Shed Light on Compounds in Red Raspberries That May Reduce Certain Risk Factors

Red raspberries are naturally rich in polyphenols, and as a result of research recently published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine and The Journal of Functional Foods, scientists are now beginning to understand how and why these polyphenols may offer human health benefits.  According to researcher Dr. Alan Crozier, at the Department of Nutrition, University of California, Davis, “In order to further study the potential health benefits of red raspberry consumption, it is important to first understand how the body metabolizes raspberry polyphenols, and the mode of action of the bioactive compounds that underlie these potential protective effects. While current evidence is promising, additional long-term studies are needed to establish the role of berry polyphenols in the prevention of specific health conditions.” Read More Here

NPRC Launches “Farm to Freezer” Video Series With Social Media Campaign



Over the past two years, the NPRC has produced three stunning videos that capture the essence of the processed raspberry farming community and the techniques used to bring processed raspberries to market.  We are officially rolling out these videos over a four-week social media campaign to share our story with the world.  Stay up to speed on our video launch by “liking” @redrazz on Facebook.

Excellent Raspberry Grower Turn Out at Small Fruits Conference




We were thrilled with a full house of raspberry growers and industry members at the December 2015 Small Fruits Conference in Lynden, Washington. During this conference, the National Processed Raspberry Council presented an overview of our marketing program and updates on the latest raspberry research.


Letter From the Executive Director: Three Ways YOU Can Help to Spread the Word


We are almost to the mid-point in our current fiscal year program, and the team working on behalf of the processed raspberry industry couldn’t be more excited about the progress we’ve made and the exciting happenings yet to come.

The NPRC’s research and promotion program has gained a lot of steam and as we do our best to educate registered dietitians, food manufacturers, foodservice, and consumers, we want to ask for YOUR help in reaching members of the processed raspberry community. Here are three ways you can help us educate growers, processors, importers, and other stakeholders who might be interested in knowing what the NPRC is up to:

1. Forward This E-Newsletter: The Raspberry Scoop is a great way to get a taste of what’s happening with the NPRC. We have a strong subscriber base, but we know we haven’t reached everyone . Please forward this newsletter to your friends, family, and colleagues involved in the processed raspberry industry and let them know that they can subscribe by emailing:

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