As you know, following the results of a vote of domestic growers and importers of processed raspberries, the plan to terminate the processed raspberry program was announced by USDA on November 7, 2018.  As such, a Board of Trustees was appointed to wind down the activities of the National Processed Raspberry Council (Council).

The Board of Trustees is looking to assign the Council’s intellectual property assets to those who have an interest in continuing a similar processed raspberry promotion, research, and information program. Section 1208.56 and 1208.73 of the Processed Raspberry Promotion, Research, and Information Order provides the authority to make this type of transfer if the recipient shall be subject to the same obligations imposed upon the Council and the trustees


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  5. REAL. RED. RASPBERRIES (and Design): WIPO Filing Ref. No. A0082489.

*Successor organization would have to explore the process and cover any costs associated with adding the website to the Real.Red.Raspberries trademark coverage. 

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*Successor organization would have to explore the process and cover any costs associated with adding the website to the Real.Red.Raspberries trademark coverage. 

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*All of the social media account names and content can be transferred. However, the followers would not be eligible for a transfer. Social media follwers would be directed to follow the account on the successor organization’s new site.


The purpose of this Solicitation for Applications is for the Board of Trustees to solicit proposals from interested organizations to explain why they would like to receive the respective intellectual property asset and how they plan to use the asset to support a similar program for processed raspberry promotion, research, and information.

The Board of Trustees will work with USDA to review the proposals to determine which entities will receive the respective assets.


The application period will be held from June 17 – June 24, 2019. Applications must show proof of delivery by 11:59 p.m. ET (8:59 p.m. PT) on June 24. Decisions will be made after June 24. 


Eligible applicants need to have an interest in continuing a similar processed raspberry promotion, research, and information program. Applicants must also be willing to cover the cost of transferring the assets to their organization. Members of the Board of Trustees and their relatives cannot help with application.


  • Applications must be less than five pages long.
  • This is a free transfer.
  • Organizations must have an interest in continuing a similar processed raspberry promotion, research, and information program or be willing to be subject to the same obligations imposed upon the Council and the trustees.

APPLICATION SELECTION CRITERIA (Out of a possible 6 points)

Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria. Winners will be those who best address these points:

  • Explain your overarching strategy for using the requested intellectual property asset. (3 pts.)
  • Demonstrate how this asset has been missing in your approach to conduct similar processed raspberry research, promotion, and information programs. (2 pts.)
  • Explain how you will measure the value-added impact of this asset. (1 pt.)

*Each application will be reviewed separately to see how many points they get. Applications for the same asset will then be compared head to head to see which application had the highest points.

For Your Application to Count, You Must Email Your Applications to ALL of the following:

Hakim Fobia

Rob Dhaliwal

Adam Enfield

John Clark


*The three trustees will be evaluating the applications.  USDA will be monitoring the process.


Any questions should be directed to Hakim Fobia at: or (202) 720-4835.

Update on National Processed Raspberry Council Marketing & Research Program Wind-Down


The NPRC continues to wind down all activities, including marketing and research projects. All marketing activities and funding will cease effective June 30, 2019. All research project funding will cease effective May 30, 2019. Any projects that will not be completed by that time will need to seek funding from another entity for additional funding to finish the study. For a list of currently funded research projects and their current status please see below.



USDA Terminates Processed Raspberry Promotion, Research and Information Order Assessment Requirements


February 20, 2019


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced that the assessment requirements in the Processed Raspberry Promotion, Research and Information Order will be terminated effective Feb. 21, 2019, as part of procedures to end the Processed Raspberry Research and Promotion Program. The program, which became effective on May 9, 2012, was developed to expand the market and uses of processed raspberries.

The termination is a result of a referendum held Sept. 10 – Oct. 5, 2018, in which 57 percent of the eligible voters favored terminating the program. The referendum was conducted after USDA received a petition supported by more than the required 10 percent of eligible producers and importers.

The final rule terminating assessments was published in the Federal Register on Feb. 20, 2019.

The remaining provisions of the order will be terminated as soon as practicable. Trustees have been appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture to dispose of all the Council’s assets.

Since 1966, Congress has authorized 22 industry-funded research and promotion boards to provide a framework for agricultural industries to pool their resources and combine efforts to develop new markets, strengthen existing markets and conduct important research and promotion activities. AMS provides oversight, paid for by industry assessments, which helps ensure fiscal accountability and program integrity.

National Processed Raspberry Council Unveils Video Series, “My Name is Haedyn”

My Name Is Haedyn


A Glimpse of Life and Raspberries Through the Eyes of a Five-Year Old 5th Generation Raspberry Farmer


A new three-part video series,My Name is Haedyn, follows Haedyn Maberry in and around her family’s raspberry farm from winter to harvest as she watches the raspberries “sleep,” helps her uncle “fix” broken tractors, and prepares to freeze raspberries using “just cold air.” Discover the love, science, hard work, and generations—from 5-year-olds to 85 year-olds—that make the farming and processing of red raspberries a treasured passion.

My Name Is Haedyn

Raspberries have the reputation of being one of the most difficult fruits to grow—they are exceptionally delicate, require specific soil and climate conditions, and must be cared for 365 days a year. And to lock-in their iconic flavor and color, raspberries are harvested at peak ripeness and frozen (using only cold air) within a few hours. None of this would happen without dedicated, determined, and innovative farmers ready to take on the challenge—a challenge many raspberry farmers say they’ve been called to do.


What farmer does not dream of their work being passed down to the next generation, not only as work, but also as a noble and beautiful way of life—one that involves sharing your finished gifts (in this case, frozen raspberries) with the world?

My Name is Haedyn



Preview and share the trailer by clicking here and follow the trilogy by clicking the links below:

Sleeping Berries

Hard Work


Share your support of processed raspberry farmers, their families, and the entire farming community on social media with the hashtags #MyNameIsHaedyn and #FrozenRaspberries.